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Image by Pietro De Grandi

Our Reviews

Game changer for digital nomads

Overlap is a must-have for any digital nomad! As someone who travels frequently for work, it can be tough to keep track of who I'll be in the same place as and when. This app has made it so much easier! The mutual connections feature shows me where my extended network is, so I can reach out and plan trips with friends of friends. The app is well designed and user-friendly, and I love the integration with my calendar. I highly recommend this app to anyone in the digital nomad community or anyone who loves to travel and connect with others.

Gets better every month

This app is constantly adding new feature requests and is becoming the go to way to stay connected with travelers you meet in the hostels. I’ve already gotten a few travel tips and connections from it. Even one would be worth the time it takes to keep your travel plans updated.

If you’re a frequent traveler this app is a must!

I previously used Been just to track my country count for personal use and now I can share my previous and upcoming journeys, including cities, while also connecting with my travel communities! I love being able to view my family and friends’ maps and view other’s wish lists. I’ve already overlapped with several friends. Download and share with all your travel buddies!

Finally a useful travel planning app!

As a digital nomad and full-time traveler, Overlap is the best. Now I know all of my friends upcoming trip plans and never miss crossing paths with someone. Plus I can easily find/ask for recommendations for all of my future trips. Highly recommend for casual and serious travelers!

Essential App for All Digital Nomads!

I’ve been a full time digital nomad since 2013 and when I discovered this app it was a game changer for me! I’m sitting in Cape Town right now and just this week I literally discovered some good nomad friends of mine were here thanks to this app! I love so many things about Overlap and I recommend it all the time. Absolutely essential for digital nomads!

The nomad app I've been waiting for

I've been a digital nomad for over 6 years so I've met hundreds of people all over the world who also travel. Overlap makes it easy to keep track of them all and know when I'm going to be in the same city as a friend, even someone I haven't spoken to in years. It's allowed me to morph my social life from chaotic serendipity to Swiss watch precision. Hands down one of the best apps for nomads and travelers that I've ever used.

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